Waste management professionals

For years we have been assisting our customers in waste management by acting as main actors along the entire waste value chain - from collection to valorisation or disposal.

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2.5 billion tons of waste were produced in Europe in 2014.

Group 25

In Italy 51% of urban waste is recycled, higher than the European average of 47%.

Group 19

By 2035 no more than 10% of municipal waste will be disposed of in landfill.

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Stoccaggio rifiuti

Waste treatment and storage

Trasporto rifiuti

Waste transportation and disposal

Spurgo pozzi neri

Bleeding and unclogging

Noleggio automezzi

Vehicle rental

Consulenza ambientale

Environmental consultancy

Bonifica amianto

Asbestos removal

Environmental Services

CU.MA. S.R.L. is a company operating in the ECOLOGY – ENVIRONMENT industrial sector, structured and organized to operate throughout the national territory, providing a wide range of specialized services in waste recovery and disposal. A top-level activity carried out in compliance with current regulations and the most advanced techniques: it is on the basis of these assumptions that CU.MA. S.R.L. has become a leader in the asbestos remediation sector in Naples.

Environmental Services

The company, thanks to its highly qualified technical staff, proceeds with the collection, transport, recovery and/or disposal of any type of waste: urban and special, hazardous and non-hazardous, from the public and private sector, industrial, craft, and healthcare. However, the real added value is represented by the employees, engaged in asbestos remediation works in Naples. It is possible to contact the staff from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm, and on Saturday from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. Please note that the office is closed on Sundays. Various payment methods are accepted, including cash, bank transfers, and checks. A valid partner in the recovery and subsequent economic valorization of recyclable waste such as paper, plastic, and metals, they are a leading actor and reference in the sector of asbestos remediation and dismantling in Naples. The high level of specialized knowledge in the field ensures that the company operates in full compliance with environmental regulations and safety, positioning itself as a consultant for any environmental issue where strategies and corporate conduct must comply with regulatory obligations.


​An overview of the tasks carried out by the staff: Collection and transport of urban and similar waste, of non-hazardous and hazardous special waste, solid and liquid; Mechanical and manual street sweeping; Self-purging services, cleaning, unclogging drains and sewer networks; Haulage on behalf of others without limitations; Cleaning, disinfection, rodent control; Gardening and maintenance of public and private green spaces, manually and with mechanical means; Intermediation and trade of waste; Remediation of materials containing asbestos (compact and friable); Remediation of contaminated sites; Environmental Consulting Rental service with or without an operator for vehicles intended for urban hygiene services. Rental can also be activated with a “Full Service” formula Furthermore, CU.MA. S.R.L. has entered into contracts with numerous waste disposal/recovery plants, all possessing the required authorizations, to ensure the safe and correct disposal of waste. The website was created by https://www.madstudiodesign.it/